“Aerial Blush”, oil on aluminum, 15″ x 19″, $975

Oil painting on metal by Cynthia McLoughlin of blush colored mountain tops and blue horizon.

“Aerial Blush” is one of the smaller paintings in my Aerial Mountain Series. The chunky, abstract quality of the palette knife in the foreground dissolves into soft brushwork on the high horizon. There is a lot of paint on this small panel. I wanted to push the abstract quality using the texture of the paint, defining and abstracting the image at the same time. I intentionally used the same color palette for the abstract pieces in the “Spotlights”, “Labyrinth,” “Frost”, Matrix” and “Sky Scrapers”, making them less representational. They hang well together and make for a great series, each complimenting the other.
cynthia mcloughlin©2018

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