fullsizeoutput_129fI love the mountains! Hiking, skiing and having that birds eye view always takes my breath away.  When I was a kid, my family would take hikes in the Adirondacks on a pretty regular basis.  In my  memory, Cane Mountain was a really steep climb but the reward was the fire tower at the top.  You had to be very brave to assend the narrow steps, you could see right through the back of them. They got smaller and smaller as you reached the trap door in the floor of the tower. The views were spectacular! You could see for miles and miles in every direction.

This is oil on steel. Most of the portion on the lower right is exposed metal and you can see how it reflects on the top third of the mountain as well.  Clouds and snow drift over the mountains’ shoulder.

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Lava Fields

"Lava Fields", 38" x 50", Oil on Steel, $2400

“Lava Fields”, 38″ x 50″, Oil on Steel, $2400

A year or so ago, my cousin, John Mitchell snapped a beautiful photo of the lava fields in the Haleakala National Park, on Maui, in Hawaii.  I had never seen anything like it, all mist and steam and incredible earthy, tropical colors.  I hope to get  there one day and see it in person but for  now, this is my gestural abstraction of his wonderful photo.  It is oil on steel.  I have been experimenting with removing the paint with different tools and techniques to bring the silver refection of the steel into play.

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Silver Snow

"Silver Snow", 39" x 51", Oil on steel, $2400

“Silver Snow”, 39″ x 51″, Oil on steel, $2400

I am back in my studio and happy to be finishing up a few pieces for my spring show submissions. Here is a new one in my storm series. This time, I left the snowy mountains and roadside bank as negative space, and teased out the edges of the clouds, the polished steel reflecting the ambient light in the room.

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Las Vegas Souls

"Spirits-Sandy Hook Memorial", 36" x 48" acrylic on steel, $2400

“Spirits-Sandy Hook Memorial”, 36″ x 48″, acrylic spray paint on steel, $2400

I am with Gabby Gifford on this one.  Something has to be done now about the availability of automatic and semi automatic weapons in our country.  How many more tragedies must occur before we can unite, and protect our society from those who have no moral compass?  I have reposted my memorial painting to honor the lost souls of all of the victims of gun violence.

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IMG_0044 Everyone loves the classic sunset, often cliche in a painting but somehow I never tire of the Hudson River view from the 45th floor…

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Save the Date!

Here is the deal for all of you in the NYC metro area. Please click on the link for details, and let me know if you plan to go as I have tickets! I would love to meet you there!

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