“The Dreaming Kind”

“Spirits-Sandy Hook Memorial”, 40″ x 52″ acrylic on steel, $2400

December 14th, 2012, today it is five years to the day that the horrible tragedy took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Sheryl Crow created a tribute song for the victims of Sandy Hook, “The Dreaming Kind”. Download the song! All proceeds go to sandyhookpromise.org.

I am empowered by her gesture! I will donate all the proceeds from “Spirits, Sandy Hook Memorial”  and any prints of this piece to sandyhookpromise.org.   Prints are available at saatchiart.com. Thanks for your support!

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fullsizeoutput_13e6I wandered down to Chelsea last night to check out some galleries and put a finger on the pulse of the neighborhood art scene. The artist is Josep Frances Anaya and they are at The Agora Gallery.

I adore these two incredibly executed pieces. I love them on a lot of levels.  The subjects, a female Icarus and the ball in Times Square that drops every New Year’s Eve, are awesome! The warped perspective is created by focusing her command of the city around the iconic Empire State Building. She is sweeping, gliding and falling all at the same time. One can feel the sphere of the planet below. The colors are almost comic book-like and glossy finish adds to the pop of the colors.

Distorting perspective is something I am struggling with in the creation of my “mountain” paintings.  Having a grid of streets and hard edged buildings adds a great deal to the drama and is hard to translate in the more organic shapes of nature.  I am looking forward to getting back to my studio to give it another go.


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David Hockney Canyons 2

fullsizeoutput_13dfThis one seems like a close up of the Hockney painting I posted yesterday.  I love the purple river against the deep oxblood canyon!  I am working on one of my mountain paintings with a stream running through the crevasse and trying to tweak the perspective so you get a vertigo feeling but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. You can see a peek of it on my facebook page profile picture.  Follow me and share it, people, share it! Hockney played around a lot with perspectives. Very inspiring show!

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David Hockney-Grand Canyon

fullsizeoutput_13e0I have been thinking about painting canyons and hoo doos since I visited Bryce and Zion National Parks last year.  I was very taken with these two paintings of the Grand Canyon by David Hockney, (showing now at The MET, I enjoyed it). The colors are so vibrant and beautiful and really capture the light and shadow to the extreme.  I love that he painted them on smaller panels and put them together in a grid. The perspective really helps you to feel the depth of the canyon. Here is my inspiration, just need to get back to my studio!

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Silver Falls

Silver Falls by Cynthia McLoughlin, 40 x 40, Oil on steel, $2400

Silver Falls, 40″ x 40″, Oil on steel, $2400

One of the most amazing life experiences I have had to date was being surrounded by hundreds of waterfalls in Milford Sound, New Zealand. It was a strange twist of fate that we decided to go in the drizzling rain.  The inspirational photo for this painting was provided by David Wardlad and taken in Fiordland National Park, South Island, not too far from Milford Sound.  Silver steel is revealed and shimmers in the forward cloud and the waterfalls that cascade down the rock face in the distance.

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First Snow, by Cynthia McLoughlin, 40 x 40, Oil on steel, $2400

“First Snow”, 40 x 40, Oil on steel, $2400

I love the mountains! Hiking, skiing and having that birds eye view always takes my breath away.  When I was a kid, my family would take hikes in the Adirondacks on a pretty regular basis.  In my  memory, Cane Mountain was a really steep climb but the reward was the fire tower at the top.  You had to be very brave to assend the narrow steps, you could see right through the back of them. They got smaller and smaller as you reached the trap door in the floor of the tower. The views were spectacular! You could see for miles and miles in every direction.

This is oil on steel. Most of the portion on the lower right is exposed metal and you can see how it reflects on the top third of the mountain as well.  Clouds and snow drift over the mountains’ shoulder.

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Lava Fields

"Lava Fields", 38" x 50", Oil on Steel, $2400

“Lava Fields”, 38″ x 50″, Oil on Steel, $2400

A year or so ago, my cousin, John Mitchell snapped a beautiful photo of the lava fields in the Haleakala National Park, on Maui, in Hawaii.  I had never seen anything like it, all mist and steam and incredible earthy, tropical colors.  I hope to get  there one day and see it in person but for  now, this is my gestural abstraction of his wonderful photo.  It is oil on steel.  I have been experimenting with removing the paint with different tools and techniques to bring the silver refection of the steel into play.

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