IMG_9900Art is the one constant thread that runs throughout my life.  I interpret what I see and feel into my paintings, be it an awesome storm, a tragic shooting, or an incredible sunset; it is cathartic for me to express my emotions through the paint.

I studied Fine Art at Muncin, Williams, Proctor Arts Institute, SUNY Utica, and Fashion Design at Parson’s School of Design, New York City, earning an AAS and BFA respectively.  I worked as a designer, married, raised our children and moved around the country quite a bit during that time.  I have settled down, for the most part, in Park City, Utah, spending the mud seasons in New York City.  That is the plan for now, a great balance of country vs. city life.

I rekindled my passion for painting in 2008.  Sharing my art has been a wonderfully rewarding journey in ways that I had never expected.  I enjoy being part of an artistic community, participation in shows, exploring art in my travels, learning to navigate social media, and selling my work.


  • The Artbox Projects, New York 1.0, Stricoff Gallery, New York City, NY                        March 5th-16th, 2018
  • The Artbox Projects, Basel 1.0,  Basel, Switzerland                                                         June 14th-18th, 2017
  • Spectrum Miami-The Artbox Projects, Miami, Florida                                        November 30th-December 4th, 2016
  • “Moving On,” Town Hall Theater, Lafayette, CA                                                                   October 8th-November 19th, 2016
  • “INK,” Town Hall Theater, Lafayette, CA                                                                               June 4th – August 6th, 2016
  • “Utah Travels,” Utah Cultural Celebration Center, West Valley City, Utah                      May 19th – June 22nd, 2016
  • “A Hint of Spring,” Lafayette Town Hall Theater, Lafayette, CA
    April 2nd – June 4th, 2016
  • “Through the Lens of an Artist,” Lafayette Town Hall Theater, Lafayette, CA            December 19th, 2015 – February 20th, 2016


  • See Archive for 2013-2015 shows.


  • Galleries

    Oohs & Aahs, 1351 Kearns Boulevard, Suite 160, Park City, Utah


        • Saraswati Living Arts Project, Magic Lanterns Productions, January 2016
        • Artists To Look Out For December 2015 Vol. II, Starry Night Programs,  December 2015
        • Studio Visit Magazine Winter 2016- 2017 Vol. 35, www.studiovisitmagazine.com, February 2017


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