Storm/Sky Oil Paintings

McLoughlin’s contemporary storm paintings are a commentary on global warming and the increasing frequency of freakish, violent, weather patterns around the earth. The collision of opposing air systems wreaks havoc with a peaceful environment. In this original fine art series, the reflection of light off the metallic panels accentuates the fury of the storms.

Inspired by the verse in Imagine, John Lennon’s iconic song, artist Cynthia McLoughlin takes solace in the message that we are here now, and every moment is a gift. “This song brings a vision of hope to a world that seems to be more troubled by the day. This pandemic year has been difficult for everyone, but the plight of the refugees brings home the fact that it is far worse for others. My hope is to create an appreciation for the positive things that we sometimes take for granted, like a peaceful sunset at the end of the day or a beautiful cloud strewn sky.”

It is difficult to capture the reflective light quality of these paintings on aluminum in a two-dimensional, digital photograph. The best way to experience these abstract storm paintings is to visit the original works at the Summit Gallery in Park City, Utah, or to catch one of the upcoming shows in a city near you.