“Elevation Dream,” a Contemporary Mountain Oil Painting

Elevation Dream in an original, contemporary mountain oil painting that depicts the back side of the Wasatch Mountain Range in Park City, Utah.
Elevation Dream, oil on white aluminum panel, 39″ x 51″, $6900

Moving to the Mountains

Taking stock is a common activity among humans in the beginning of the New Year. I have several friends who have flocked to their “happy place” in the past year. Many of them are moving to the mountains! They decided to make a permanent move to enjoy the positive influences on a continual basis. Mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams: these are the things that nurture my soul and one of the reasons I feel compelled to paint them.

The contemporary mountain oil painting, “Elevation Dream,” depicts the Park City side of the Wasatch Back. It is a view that I am lucky enough to wake up to each morning and watch the sun set over each evening. It is constantly changing and always inspiring.

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Landscape oil painting of an Icelandic mountain and fiords beyond.
Dreamscape, oil on aluminum panel, 51″ x 39″, price upon request.

Otherworldly is a good way to describe Iceland because the topography seems to stack every imaginable geographic category on this small, Nordic island country. “Dreamscape”, depicts Fjords covered by mist with the sharp edges of the mountains breaking through the atmosphere. The mountain in the foreground slices the composition into a yin and yang of sorts. The cliff edge seems to plummet to “Middle Earth”. Many thanks to Jordanrosenphotography for his inspiring photos of this magical land. Check out Jordan’s instagram account for his most recent adventure in Iceland!

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Misty Ridgelines

A snowy mist flows over the dark Ridgeline of the mountains.
Misty Ridgeline, oil on brushed aluminum, 27″ x 27″ $2500

Iceland has a brutal, changeable environment. The drama of the ridge lines, cliffs, sudden changes in weather and temperature are all extremes that make it an exceptional landscape to capture in my work. I am exploring painting mist and fog in this Iceland inspired, contemporary landscape oil painting. I started Misty Ridgeline with the silhouette of the shadows of the mountain. My idea of leaving the silver exposed seemed too simple and cartoonish. Filling in the oyster colored sky, I pulled the color in an abstract manner over the darker, dried paint. This creates movement as it flows over the steep mountainside.

See my contemporary landscape oil paintings at the Summit Gallery, 675 Main Street in Park City, Utah!