Monaco Yacht Show


  1. Nancy mcLoughlin

    Congratulations on your invitation!!! I’m so very happy for you. I wasn’t able to choose favorites….they are all incredible!

  2. rosemarybaffi

    Not know a thing about what it takes to do this, here are the ones I think are ‘more’ special…

    Slide Labyrinth (which I would buy myself!!) Silvery Moon Silver Ridgeline Sandy Hook Carmen Black Ice

    You rock!

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  3. Patricia ONeill

    So excited and proud of you!!

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  4. smithic

    Love them all, but big red is my fav! Love you, Irene

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  5. eagriffin

    How exciting…congratulations! Does that mean we all get to go to Monte Carlo???

    I’ll try to select a few of my favorites…not easy…

    Love, Elizabeth


    1. I have to look into flights and lodging but it sure would be fun to go! The Prince attended and went to the gallery last year. I could use an interpreter….

  6. eagriffin

    My favorites…first two plus delphinium and Carmen



  7. Patty Linden

    Wow – such exciting news! I love Tidal Pool, Silvery Moon, First Snow, Ridgelines, Silver Ridgelines, Big Red and black ice. Good luck!

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