Fashion and Art


  1. eagriffin

    So…what did you think about the Met Gala? It got lots of hype…



    1. I think Anna Wintour does an amazing job! There is no longer an argument that fashion is indeed art! When I was a student at Parsons, we would go to the Costume Institute in the MET for our Wednesday morning class and allowed the rest of the day to roam the museum. We would put on our white cotton gloves and each week we were allowed to handle the garments and studied a different but equally amazing aspect of history and fashion design, from British military dress uniforms from the Revolutionary War period to Balenciaga. The collection is vast and incredible. I am really looking forward to the exhibit! I also loved that it was a bit of a theme party. I thought it interesting that Anna approves every single guest, even though corporations buy a table or two, she really owns that party.

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