Warhol | The Whitney Museum


  1. borgerson53

    Thanks! Must share my Warhol story, although I did not meet him in the flesh as you did: One week my eldest son, Cody, and his fiancée, while visiting, were offered an “old, unused” flat in NYC to stay in by his friend Rob from college. Rob’s dad ran Barclay’s worldwide at the time ( later had to resign and take the fall for the LIBOR scandal). Rob was in a new apartment since going sober ( his parents did not want his old drinking buddies to know where to find him?). But in the closet of the old apartment, unhung but leaning against the wall, was an original Warhol ( Cody knew because all Cody, as a first year attorney, could afford was a poster!).

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    1. What was it? The show was really amazing. Check out the Whitney website, they have lots of cool interviews with artists and curators about his work. He was such a character!

    2. Which one was it?

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