1. Barbara Boxer

    congrats , the trip pic looks amazing. Any idea when you will start our painting? we will be coming in beginning of Jan.


    1. It is done. I sent you a photo a few weeks ago. Did you not get it?

  2. eagriffin

    Congratulations! How wonderful to hear of your success…



    1. Missed you at The Griffin family reunion. Hope all is well! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. rosemarybaffi

    Why am I not surprised??? I did love that series from the start – VERY happy with my piece! Looks like a beautiful space. I wish I could have arranged to be there, but just too much travel and recovery. Long story, but I thought I had shingles – I had a rash from my typhoid vaccine!

    Rosemary Baffi 925-914-0351 E-Mail Hours: 8-10am & 4-6pm PST


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