What makes a good road painting?

Photo of a long, straight road going straight as an arrow to the volcanic mountains of Iceland in the early spring. Snow still on the peaks but not much on the sides of the road
⁨Snæfellsjökull National Park⁩, ⁨Snæfellsbær⁩, ⁨Western Iceland⁩, ⁨Iceland⁩
Photo of a beautiful waterfall with a drop of about 50 feet in the Iceland spring. Snow covered mountains surround this peaceful place, the warm, brown earth surrounding the falls.
⁨Grundarfjarðarbær⁩, ⁨Western Iceland⁩, ⁨Iceland⁩
In this photo the viewer looks over the dashboard of the truck we are driving toward the snow spotted mountains that seem to slide up and out of the earth. An oncoming truck approaches on this cloudy, grey day.
⁨Helgafellssveit⁩, ⁨Western Iceland⁩, ⁨Iceland⁩
The deep brown volcanic mountains of Iceland crescendo in a spiky peak, snow spotting the shoulders and filling in the ridges all the way down the deep brown form. Viewed while traveling in the car, the foreground blurs as we drive by.
⁨Reykjavík⁩, ⁨Iceland⁩
The camera jumped as we hit a bump and the blurred the vision of the mountain, trees and snowy foreground as we drive by a long white barn.
Tungubakkar⁩, ⁨Reykjavík⁩, ⁨Iceland⁩
A photo of a snow spotted, volcanic, rocky mountain rising toward a blue sky with snowy white clouds.
Eya- og Miklaholtshreppur, Western Iceland

Touring Iceland,‎⁨  on the way to Snaefellsjokull National Park

The photos above are some that I took last year while traveling in Iceland. We were going to see Sanefellsjokul, a volcano that we actually braved cold and wind to climb.  Pretty cool hike. I like these photos  particularly because it is spring, snow still on the mountains, nothing green coming up from the ground just yet and no one around.  It seems so long ago, so much has changed. I wonder how the residence are doing in this isolated land? I have a book of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings and these photos remind me of some of his works.

What is the attraction?

I have contemplated the attraction to my road paintings, is it the road itself that suggests a journey? Is it a metaphor for the journey we all explore called life? Perhaps it isn’t the road at all but the open skies portrayed in several of my paintings? Check out my Journeys portfolio and let me know what draws you to this type of painting, or what repels you.  What is your favorite? I had a man come into the gallery  in February and we were discussing the vehicles in my painting, Sidewinder, (below).  He didn’t like them at all and thought it would be a much stronger painting with just the road winding through the mountains.  I asked a few of the other folks in the gallery at the time if they liked or did not like the vehicles, which they did. What do you think?

An original oil painting by Cynthia McLoughlin © 2019. Depicts a blue sky over a purple road winding through a red and amber abstract mountain pass.
Sidewinder, oil on brushed aluminum, 39″ x 39″, $5300


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