Pandemic Cityscape

The ghostly siren Pestilence walks on to the island of Manhattan, surrounded by sky scrapers as she brings her spidery virus floating around her and seeping into the ground and buildings.
Pestilence arrives in NYC

Pestilence, Covid-19

As I stay safely at home in Park City, abiding by the social distancing guidelines, my heart goes out to everyone effected by this pandemic, but particularly those in the epicenter of disease in our country, New York City.

I wanted to channel my emotions and put them into a painting and this is the result. The underpainting is done with acrylic spray paints, some grid panels I found and a stencil that I designed and made. The achitectural structure of the metal grid contrasts with an organic, spidery, floral overlay which represent the virus infiltrating the city.  The cityscape is taken from some photos I took from the 45th floor, overlooking the Hudson River on the west side of Manhattan.  I interpreted the disease as an alluring, ghostly siren making her way into the city, tempting citizens to their fate.  She brings with her the disease, suspended in the air around her.  I have left some of the underpainting showing though in the streets and buildings representing the viruses infectious, rapid spread. Hope is the message on the building, hoping people will stay home and safe and curb this ravaging beast.