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I have a growing concern for our environment and the effects of Global Warming. I love our planet and want to do what I can so preserve the natural beauty of our earth. My landscape paintings are of subjects that have moved me in one way or another and my need to capture that moment.

Deep blue shadows fall on the icy, reflective water below.
Icy View from Saugatuck Bridge
I have many incredible memories of warm summers spent on the lakes of Upstate New York. We would watch as the storms progressed from the far side of the lake to our shore, taking cover on the porch or, if we were at the beach, sheltered in the car until it blew over.  In the evenings we would often take a boat out to the middle of the lake and stargaze. These paintings are some of my happy memories.
“Whispers”, oil on aluminum, 39″ x 51″, $6900
Oil on metal, pale moon lighting part of the sky while being overtaken by an indigo storm.
“Calm Before the Storm”, oil on aluminum, 17″ x 19″, $1000
An original oil painting by Cynthia McLoughlin. Twilight blue sky over a deep blue ocean, soft waves ripple along the silvery, wet, reflective, beach.
Silver Beach, 12″ x 16″, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, $975
Cynthia McLoughlin ©2019
Jellyfish Sky, 16″ x 12″, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, $975
Cynthia McLoughlin © 2019
Seaweed, 16″ x 12″, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, $975
Wind blown evergreen with elongated trunk in silhouette against an orange sky on the beach in Carmel.
Carmel by the Sea, 27″ x 27″, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, $2500

2 thoughts on “Water Gallery

  1. I love your techniques and how you blend your colors and your texture!!! You make your paintings so realistic and creative.
    From Mia age 8 and Olivia age 11💜
    Spring, Texas

    1. Wow! You ladies are very thoughtful! I am guessing you are both artists yourselves! Thank you for the lovely compliments. I have a really good time creating my paintings and love to share them with people who appreciate them. I would be happy to meet you anytime in the gallery and talk about my art with you!

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