NYC Transitions


  1. Pat

    I think that this is a very unique picture. To me, reflections seem to hold a peek into another dimension. On another note, I remember a movie with Harvey Keitel where every morning at the exact same time he would take a picture of the intersection outside of his cigar store in the city. He would study these pictures and loved how each was so very unique. There’s even a scene where he shares the photographs with someone who says something like” all these pictures are the same”. Of course Harvey is puzzled and upset by this statement.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comments. I saw Harvey at Bubbies in Tribecca a month or so ago. He lives in the neighborhood and hangs out there occasionally. Great pancakes at Bubbies:) Do you remember the name of the movie? Sounds like my kind of flick.

      1. Pat

        I had to look it up, The name of the movie was Smoke. The story is based in Brooklyn and was made in 1995. Let me know what you think.Pat

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