This is one from deep in my subconscious. I grew up in a house that was well over 200 years old. It had a lot of character and many strange things occurred in this house. I often sensed there was a presence lurking nearby and was afraid to go to bed at night. My mom would leave the light on in her room to comfort me, which helped me to go to sleep at night.
“I’ll be right in the next room…which was never close enough after a nightmare”. More…

The Outsider

I have been watching this really creepy series on HBO GO called The Outsider. It is based on a book by Stephen King, who more often than not taps into my worst nightmares. It is so disturbing that I go around with all the lights on after an episode and double check that all the shades are down and all the doors are locked. I even got out the cross pendant my mom gave me and wore it to bed one night, just a little added protection….Ha! However, I can not seem to stop watching the series.

I often wonder why we are drawn to such things but it must be human nature, curiosity or the need to know why we sometimes feel the willies for no apparent reason. Some call it spider sense, others a gut feeling but it is our sixth sense. Mr. King has made a fortune delving into the darkness so there must be something to it.

Abstract Expressionism

The abstract expressionist were all about, “making art that while abstract was also expressive or emotional in its effect. They were inspired by the surrealist idea that art should come from the unconscious mind”. (ref.

This abstract painting definitely came from my subconscious mind. As a kid, I lived in a very old house, (for America anyway), well over 200 years old. My mom looked up the deeds and gave up her quest after the handwriting in the town’s documents became illegible. There were many strange occurrences in the house but I will leave that for another time. It fueled my imagination, hence the nightmares. Leaving a light on in the next room always did seem to help. In this piece you are looking through the scary darkness, the horizontal drips feel like a barrier to the safety of the light beyond the shadows.

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