Spray Paint!


I am always intrigued by the way other artists create and manipulate the same flat space that I do.  I am often blown away by these creatives and in order to effect my own progression, it is important to experiment and try new things!


I started this painting last summer, in my outdoor studio. It is acrylic spray paint on a white aluminum panel.  Even though I wear a mask, the molecules of paint seem to go everywhere and coat everything so doing it in my indoor, not greatly ventilated studio is out of the question. I did a series of spray painted  canvases and panels a few years ago when I got really into Street Art and it was super fun.  Stencils are one of the tools of a street artist so I made this big floral stencil, figuring it might anchor a series.  At the very least, I wanted it to be mine.  Other elements are grids that I sprayed through to create the texture and just spraying directly on to the canvas.  It is fun to experiment!


I am planning on morphing this into a cityscape, maybe with something to honor this, the year of the woman. We shall see.  It is really scary to have something you really like and then want to take it to the next level.  I suppose I will just get over myself as I know how I did the first bit anyway. Still scary though…

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