Painting Trees

Original oil painting on metal by Cynthia McLoughlin, orange sky with the silhouette of Carmel's special pines, silver water shimmers on the horizon.
Carmel Trees, oil on brushed aluminum panel, 27″ x 27″, $2500

Trees of Carmel

The evergreen trees in Carmel, California are very unusual and a variety that I have not often seen.  Their branches reach outward in a very graceful arc which reminds me a bit of a graceful ballet dancer, gesturing in the ocean breeze.  Of course the sunsets need no explanation.  It is sheer bliss to sit amongst the trees and rocks, listening to the waves crashing on the beach while the sun takes its last salute to the day. I pulled the paint away from the panel to create the shimmering ocean waves gently lapping at the shore. It was so peaceful and calm, it nurtures my soul.












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