Butterfly Wings

cynthia McLoughlin © 2019
“Butterfly Wings”, oil on brushed aluminum, 27″ x 27″, $2250

As with all things worth doing, sometimes persistence pays off. This started as a landscape gone wrong. I really struggled with it, wiped it a bunch of times and then just had at it with a squeegee. It dried, was horribly ugly, and kicked around my studio for a couple of months. Every now and then, usually when I am procrastinating, I get the urge to tidy up my studio and I decided to revisit this piece.  I have been following a couple of amazing artists, (conorsaysboom, douglasschneiderart, chloeearly) on Instagram and am super inspired with their brushwork, subject matter, and abstractions. I liked the movement in the original ugly version and brushed on some glazes to make the colors more to my liking. I moved the paint around with brushes and squeegees to bring out the pattern and blend the colors. This kind of reminded me of wings in motion, I like the effect and hope to work on a few more, maybe on a larger scale.

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