Collage, “Mindfulness” and “Serenity”

cynthia mcloughlin @ 2019
cynthia mcloughlin © 2019

These pen and ink drawings are the beginning of a new project I will be working on this summer using collage as my medium.   I was so inspired by the Frank Stella “Illustrations After El Lissitzky’s Had Gadya” series that I saw a few weeks ago, I wanted to try my hand at the medium. I like the way he overlaps the shapes to create space and also how some of the images come forward out of the picture plane.  I have some images and textures that I printed a few years back when I had access to a printmaking studio and am excited to play around with the colors and textures from my work.  In Stella’s suite, he combined lithography, etching, screen printing, woodcut, and linocuts to create his masterful abstract narrative of the traditional Jewish Passover song.

Below is Stella’s amazing suite.

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