Electrical Storm

"Electrical Storm", 19" x 38", oil on aluminum, $2200
“Electrical Storm”, 19″ x 38″, oil on aluminum, $2200

I love the work of Jose Parla, Bisco Smith, and Christopher Florentino, and find it hugely inspirational and uplifting!  Each of them uses words and lyrical gestures to express themselves in their painting. I have wanted to do this for some time but wasn’t sure how to best incorporate words into my own style.   Painting the mural/wall at China Bridge this weekend, mostly with words and gestures, it was an awesome release!  I could paint as big as I wanted to and pretty much the only direction that was giving was to say or paint something related to “The Arts” in Park City.

Progressing my “Road Noise” series, I have written into the wet paint, revealing the silver or dried paint layer beneath.  Most of it is upside down, to obscure it just a bit as well as in cursive.  Some words are large and curly, others small and tight, mimicking the highlights on the clouds.

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