I got an amazing response when I posted “Labyrinth” and decided to work on a few more abstract versions, playing around with the movement, light, shadow, and direction of the flow in each piece.  They each bring something different to the table.

“Spotlight” started out in a horizontal format. I was exploring the thought of it being a room with a ceiling, walls, and a floor.  When it came time to look at all the paintings together and figure out which way to have the framer hang them, I decided I liked it better as a vertical. It read more like those gigantic lights you see projecting into the sky at a premier, which I have always loved.

I was trying to create more depth with “Frost”. I started with a looser shadow flowing through it, and patterned it with a spiraling fan feeling.  I like the overlap and the chunky darks. This palette is slightly more grey and less blue, which I also think gives it a different feeling.

“Matrix” is a bit like “Labyrinth” in its rhythm, but the pattern is much more refined. Let me know your favorite and what it makes you think of.  I am always surprised to hear how my work is interpreted by others!



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