Save Bonanza Flats!

Utah is one of the fastest growing states in the nation. It is a beautiful part of the country, big sky, gorgeous mountains, fresh air and sunshine! As with any growth area, it is tantamount to plan and manage the growth in a way that will keep the integrity of our alluring state intact.

The Summit Land Conservancy has offered to set up an auction on their website to keep track of bids on  items like my painting, “First Thaw”, and accept donations to keep the Bonanza Flats, (over 1000 acres), designated as a wild lands area. Click on the link and check out the video, it is an incredible place!  The state of Utah has until March 14th, 2017 to raise $13 million dollars in order to keep this incredible habitat wild and free!  I know everyone has their favorite causes so thanks in advance for supporting one of mine!


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