Yoga/Figure Drawing-Saraswati Living Arts Project!

I have been selected by Magic Lanterns Productions to participate in the Saraswati Living Arts Project!  It is a new and interesting concept. As I understand it, a master yoga instructor will lead a meditation with an intention or focus for the group, followed by the students practicing related asanas while the artists interpret the theme and draw the figure.

We will take breaks and evaluate the drawings and concepts and see if we can make it a successful pairing and new way to experience yoga and art.

I am really nervously excited to participate!  I have been thinking about working on my figure drawing. I have always loved it and haven’t done much of it since my days of fashion illustration. It takes place tomorrow so stay tuned for the outcome….

3 thoughts on “Yoga/Figure Drawing-Saraswati Living Arts Project!

  1. Congratulations Cynthia! This sounds like a wonderful experience! Happy New Year! Miss you in California!

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