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Cynthia McLoughlin's Coloring Page 1When I was about 10 or 11, I received a Peter Max coloring calendar complete with an assortment of rainbow colored felt tip Flair markers.   I have to say that for me, it was one of the best gifts of all time.  I wish I still had it!  My friend Mary Kay and I would spend hours in her room coloring together as I think she had one too.  She is probably the one who gave me the gift!  Of course in those “tween” years it was not cool to color anymore so the markers and Peter Max factor made it more like “art” and less childish.

I am so happy to see a resurgence of coloring, especially adults, coloring to reduce stress and chill out away from electrical devices.  I thought I would encourage this trend by putting up one of my designs that you can print and color on a regular basis.  I would love to see the finished product as well so send it back to me and I will post the results!  It is always fun to collaborate with other people on art projects and it is also a great learning tool to see how others approach the same topic.  Break out your markers and enjoy!

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  1. I did have it. I LOVED it!! I too wish I still had it….when complete it was a work of art.

    Peter Max Coloring calendar was a blast. Thanks for the memory.

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