Gun Control – Sandy Hook, CT

"Spirits-Sandy Hook"
“Spirits-Sandy Hook”

One of the things I love about Street Art is the social commentary the artist expresses with the visual image.  I have been skeptical about making statements as I tend to fly under the radar and keep my opinions to myself.

I am however, outraged by the massacres that are plaguing our country.  I was living about 15 minutes from Sandy Hook on December 14th, 2012 when 20 elementary school children, (8 boys, 12 girls), and 6 female adults were all gunned down with a .223-caliber Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle. 154 shots in total were fired from the rifle, most victims had multiple wounds.  The shooter had 4 guns in his possession throughout the massacre, two of which he was too young to legally possess.

I  hope to commemorate the lives of the victims with this painting.  Each light represents the spirit of one of the victims, floating into whatever lies beyond, leaving behind only  reflection, a memory for those who knew them.

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  1. Each night before I go to sleep I meditate for a few minutes. I focus on the positive moments of my day, the ones that touch me, make me smile. Your painting is the first of today’s moments. Thank you for that.

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