cynthia mcloughlin © 2013Night falls so early this time of year!  I usually find it rather depressing but this year I hope to reframe my mindset and embrace the evenings with gusto.  Spanish culture revolves around a very active night life.  The streets come alive after dark as it is usually too hot to stay out for very long in the middle of the day.  On our last trip, we enjoyed going out around sunset for tapas and sitting in the plazas, people watching as the evening progressed.  We walked, shopped, ate and drank in lots of wonderful establishments and thoroughly enjoyed the night. Everything seemed to glow and I loved the halo effect the humid atmosphere had on the lights in Plaza Mayor.

cynthia mcloughlin 2013

Seville, being further south, was even hotter than Madrid. We spent mid-day in or near the hotel pool. Being an early riser in a family that loves to sleep in, I enjoyed early mornings with my super thick, hot chocolate and churro, wandering through the cathedral, bakeries and local shops.   Here our hotel is aglow, so inviting, with all the beautiful palm trees waving in the heat of the night, the lights dancing across the fronds.

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