Fall Marsh at Sherwood

Cynthia McLoughlin © 2013

This is the Sherwood Island Salt Marsh in late September.  There are salt marshes on two sides of  the Island, both are designated bird sanctuaries.  My favorite is the one on the south east side.  As you drive into the park, it lays out before you to the left, the water glinting and snaking its way through the waving marsh grasses.  It is quite expansive and affected by the tides so it changes rather dramatically.  At low tide, it is easier to see the heron striding around on the muddy strip before the lip of the grass.  At high tide there is much more of a reflection of the sky.  In the morning, there is often a foggy mist making it look magical through the golden sunlight of late fall. There is a walking path for bird lovers that follows the rim of the marsh and is rather secluded.  Lots of peace and solitude and a great place to wander, while your mind wanders as well.  You can really get close to the water there.  Bring your binoculars and a camera with a good zoom lens for some birding when you visit.

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