Cynthia McLoughlin © 2013Each year I have an intention to try something that I have never done before. It usually takes place around the time of my birthday and I have experienced a lot of cool things over the years.  Some of the things were a one time deal, like surfing, which was awesome fun, very scary and exhausting.  Other things have become a part of my life, like roller blading which I have enjoyed off and on for about 15 years.

A few summers ago, my daughter and I celebrated a big birthday by taking a ride in a hot air balloon.  We were  vacationing in Park City, Utah, one of my favorite places on the planet and it was a really special treat.  It was too windy that day to go up in Park City so the balloon company took us to the nearby Heber Valley and we launched from a field there.  It was an incredible experience, my only regret was that the other company that went up that day went much higher and travelled a bit farther up the valley before landing.  This year I hope to go again on my birthday, in Park City and with the company that goes way up high and see  a different mountain range.

I did this painting from a photo I took on my big birthday. I am pretty happy with the perspective and hope to give the viewer that feeling of vertigo and kind of falling out of the sky.  I want to paint some of the other photos I took that day and play around with the colors so stay tuned…….

3 thoughts on “Vertigo

  1. Cynthia,

    You are so talented! With each painting, I see a new side of you I never knew existed.

    When is your birthday?

    Missing you. Hugs to Tom and the kids, extra to you!! Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.

    xoxo Lisa

    Lisa Jaye Circuit Mediator Sent from my iPhone

  2. Love it! What an amazing painting. And you did capture the feeling of flying into the sky.
    Beautiful interpritation of floating. Thanks sharing the experience & for taking us with you in your journey. Love it, love it, love it.

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