Spring Thaw

I love to travel and in March, 2019, I went in search of the Northern Lights. Iceland was the most amazing, desolate, and extreme climate which I have ever experienced. I now understand how a person could die from exposure. It was however, spectacularly beautiful, changeable and the light had this incredible blue cast, reflecting off the snow. This snow covered peak, with icy silver swirls over looks a frozen landscape with soft, blurred mountains on the horizon line was inspired by my experiences on that trip.
cynthia mcloughlin©2019
Spring Thaw, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 39″ x 39″, $5300

I liked the composition of my painting, “Above the Clouds”, and wanted to work on a shadow version.  I must have Iceland on the brain as the water just appeared!  Looking forward to seeing the country for myself  in the near future!   It has been  warm by Park City standards and the snow is melting on the southern exposures, hence the name, “Spring Thaw”.  Happy Spring everyone!

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