Save the Date! August 31st, 2018

"Crevice", oil on aluminum, 40" x 52", $7300
“Crevice”, oil on aluminum, 40″ x 52″, $7300

The “Opening Night” of the new Summit Gallery on Main Street, Park City will be on August 31st, 2018!  Please join me in welcoming Megan McIntire back to Main Street in her brand new gallery space!

Here is a painting that I have struggled with for a couple of months now.  It is the third in my mountain series. I wanted to do a vertical format and try to have the viewer feel a bit of vertigo as they tip into the panel by distorting the perspective so that you are looking out and down at the same time.  The soft clouds were part of the initial oil sketch and I liked that effect to further push back the horizon.  The middle ground is more of an aerial perspective, and the bottom edge of the painting is meant to feel like you are standing on the edge of a cliff, looking straight down to the “crevice”.  Come see this one in person in the gallery and let me know how it feels!

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