“The Dreaming Kind”

“Spirits-Sandy Hook Memorial”, 40″ x 52″ acrylic on steel, $2400

December 14th, 2012, today it is five years to the day that the horrible tragedy took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Sheryl Crow created a tribute song for the victims of Sandy Hook, “The Dreaming Kind”. Download the song! All proceeds go to sandyhookpromise.org.

I am empowered by her gesture! I will donate all the proceeds from “Spirits, Sandy Hook Memorial”  and any prints of this piece to sandyhookpromise.org.   Prints are available at saatchiart.com. Thanks for your support!

About Cynthia McLoughlin

I am an artist seeking inspiration from my surroundings whether it be hiking in the mountains or walking on the city streets. I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, exploring different cultures and letting their influence flow through me into my work.
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