Landscape painting seems to make much more sense if the subject is painted in season and so I have been working on some snow scenes.  Some I started in seasons past and was never quite happy with, others I started in a class I have been taking at The Kimball Arts Center.  It is nice to paint in a community of artists and to see how the other artists interpret the same subject.

These two paintings are by one of my favorite living painters, Gerhard Richter.   I saw a retrospective of his work a few years ago that blew me away.  Included among all of his abstract pieces were some of his incredible land and seascapes.  I picked up a book of his landscape paintings and marvel at his genius.  His snow scenes are so peaceful and beautiful, they have a dream like quality.  There is only one Gerhard Richter and like all inspiration, I can only interpret what I see through my own hand and hopefully make my work the best it can be.

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