Tropical Flora

It goes without saying that Hawaii is an incredible place, but I have to admit that its beauty had faded in my memory, since it had been over a decade since my last visit.  The photographs of sunrises and sunsets seem so cliché, but when you are actually there,  you can see the hand of a higher power at play. Its magic envelops you and is mesmerizing.

I have had several requests for smaller florals and I also have a show I would love to be a part of that has size restrictions so I have been working on a 16″ x 16″ scale.  I was going for  the mood and ethereal feeling I achieved in the larger floral paintings on a smaller scale, but something different has emerged.  Playing around with warmer and cooler tones has created depth and the shots of color burst off the aluminum.

One thought on “Tropical Flora

  1. Hi Cynthia….love your use of colors. Hawaii? You are all over the place.


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