Wasatch Fog

A deep blue pebbled forground fades into the melting snowy mountains shrouded in a foggy blur of drippy atmosphere.
Wasatch Fog, oil on white aluminum, 23″ x 23″, $1700
Framed with a Larson, black/box, wooden frame that has silver on the inside and outside edges


I am mesmerized by the beautiful view from my studio of the back of the Wasatch Mountain range in Park City, Utah. The weather here is at times other-worldly. On this morning, the mountains were veiled with striations of clouds. Not the best weather for skiing but beautiful just the same. The panel for this painting is white aluminum, instead of my usual silver. I left the white boarder around the image just to change it up. The brush technique blurs the mountains. I added some medium to let the paint run a bit, conveying a feeling of moisture. In the foreground, I wanted to have a texture and have it feel like water. I used a gloss varnish over the last layer of paint while it was still wet to get the directional drip effect.