Vertigo 2


  1. Maura McLoughlin

    Beautiful! I can see how it would be a conduit to the available light.

  2. Mary Kay

    With most art it’s all about the light, you’ve done it again with yet another perspective. Love warmth, feels like summer…..but sure of the season.

    1. I wanted to explore warm dessert tones and the metallic paint gives it a nice modern edge, which seems to be in vogue these days. I like your comment about the season, it leaves it open to interpretation. I had thought about running some gold leaf down the mountains, which may have suggested winter and ski runs but in the end I thought it would add too much detail and take away from the overall feeling. Hard to know when to quit sometimes. This is such a big piece I thought I would experiment with a smaller one with the gold. Stay tuned…

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