Kaleidoscope, oil on aluminum panel, 39" x 39", $5300
Kaleidoscope, oil on aluminum panel, 39″ x 39″, $5300

This is my latest mountain pass painting in the bright color palette. The vehicles look white but they are actually the silver aluminum showing through. There are also hints of silver accenting the mountain behind the road.

Oil painting of a highway winding through the desert.
Desert Highway, oil on brushed aluminum, 27″ x 51″, SOLD

I know someone who loves to drive from San Francisco to Park City. He has figured out the best pit stops to break up the trip.  It is like a meditation, to get away from it all and just drive…

Silver Road, oil on aluminum, 39″ x 39″, Sold

A winter storm rolls into Park City, the temperature drops twenty degrees in five minutes. Hail and snow swirl in the wind as the mountains and road turn to ice.

Oil painting by Cynthia McLoughlin, blue sky over a purple road winding through a red and amber abstract mountain pass.
Sidewinder, oil on brushed aluminum, 39″ x 39″, $5300

The ride from Park City through Parley’s Pass is a beauty!   The road snakes its way between the mountain walls on either side of the pass. I received such a positive reaction to the bright colors in my “Sunset” series last summer, I decided to parlay that into my “Road” series.

Into the Light, oil on brushed aluminum. 39" x 39", $5300
Into the Light, oil on brushed aluminum. 39″ x 39″, $5300

I really like layering complimentary color glazes over each other.  In the painting above, I initially had hatch marks in the sky, similar to “Sidewinder”,(above this one), but wasn’t happy with it.  I took a big squeegee and pulled the color out of the sky and let it overlap the surrounding areas. You can see the hatch-mark remnants at the top of the sky.

Abstract landscape painting with charred earth tones and a sweeping, blurred terrain.
Lava Road, 36″ x 51″, oil on steel, $6400
Oil on metal by Cynthia McLoughlin, deep blue sky over a tilted blue/grey road to infinity.
“Full Tilt”, 37″ x 39″, oil on aluminum, $5100

In Big Sky Country, one sees all kinds of things:rainbows, jet trails, mist and clouds.

Oil on metal, mountain road curving around through the pass in summer with exposed orange/brown rock face and green mountain scrub.
“Switchbacks” , oil on brushed aluminum, 40″ x 40″, $5600

Early morning sun bathes Parley’s Pass in a moving symphony of warmth.

cynthia mcloughlin© 2019
Shine On, 19″ x 38″, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, $2200

California has its own kind of light: reflections and halos at twilight.

Oil on metal, deep blue sky over a tilted blue/grey road to infinity.
“Midnight Ride”, oil on brushed aluminum, 39″ x 51″, $6000

Big sky, dark sky. Shimmering shadows by the light of the moon.

Oil on metal deep blue sky with swirling words and phrases over a tilted blue/grey road to infinity.
“Electrical Storm”, 19″ x 38″, oil on aluminum, $2200

 Words and phrases of positivity subliminally form clouds in the sky. Let them enfold you on your journey.

cynthia mcloughlin©2019
Icy Twilight, Oil paint on brushed aluminum, 16″ x 16″,$975

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