Oil painting on metal of blush colored mountain tops and blue horizon.
“Ridgelines”, 40″ x 52″, oil paint on an aluminum panel, $6900

I hit a monumental birth year a while ago and to celebrate the occasion, my daughter and I took flight in a hot air balloon! It was an incredible experience. We rose before the sun that morning and met our group in a lot, where we helped to fill the balloons with hot air. After climbing into the basket with our captain and a few other folks, we ascended.  I loved the slow rise above the mountains of Park City, Utah, drifting along with the wind.  I find the view from above to be so calming and peaceful, inspiring me to paint from that perspective.  All of my Elevation  paintings are taken from photos and are real places on the planet.

cynthia mcloughlin©2019
Spring Thaw, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 39″ x 39″, $5300

After my trip to Iceland last March, I fell in love with the color of the sky and the other worldly glow that envelopes the island.

My friend hiked Mt. Shasta and shared some of his wonderful photos, inspiring me to paint from this birds eye view, one of my favorite perspectives!

cynthia mcloughlin © 2018
“Silvery Moon” Triptych, 48″ x 100″ appx, oil on aluminum, $16,900

I am blessed to be able to live near the Wasatch and Uinta Mountain Ranges. Every night is different but those seen in the full of the moon are particularly mysterious.

cynthia mcloughlin ©2018
“Silver Ridgelines”, 38’x 39″, oil on aluminum, $5200
cynthia mcloughlin©2019
View from 14,180′, Mt. Shasta, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 39″ x 51″, $6900


“Crevice”, oil on aluminum, 40″ x 52″, $6900
No Boundaries, oil on aluminum, 27" x 27", $2700
No Boundaries, oil on aluminum, 27″ x 27″, $2700
“Silver Lake”, 27″ x 39″, Oil on steel, $3700

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