California Dreaming

Shine On, 19" x 38", oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, $2200This is the first year since I have been spending the majority of my time in Utah that I felt the need to get out of the snow and cold.  A new friend showed me this photo in February and I immediately wanted to go there and get warm!  Twilight is always fun to paint.   I made the traffic lights really sparkle by scraping the paint away so the shimmers radiate from the traffic lights when the light in the room reflects off the metal.

LA Sky


Sometimes, I will flip a painting in progress around to get a better angle with the brush or just to see if it is compositionally balanced. I have to say, seeing this same painting  side by side and flipped over, it is very balanced! Which way do you like it better? Purple on top or bottom?

Jellyfish Sky and other seaworthy things…

I have been working on some beach themed paintings for the Monaco Yacht Show this September.  My recent visit to the beach in Carmel, California, was particularly inspiring. Many thanks to Mark and Anna for sharing their lovely home!

Upon completion, the paintings seemed rather serious, (and kind of boring), so I decided to add a bit of quirkiness so they would not be run of the mill seascapes.  I had some fun with a blending brush and made the oil drips from the fan shape which reminded me of jellyfish, but in the sky, hence “Jellyfish Sky”! The seaweed in the second piece defies gravity, rising out of the water and over the suggested grid of waves. I like the added texture of the rigid vs. organic lines of the grid.  I love to walk on the beach at dawn or dusk and see the magical reflection of the sky on the sand.  I could not resist painting it with my trusty squeegee in “Silver Beach”!


Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night #2, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, 27" x 27", $2250
Red Sky at Night #2, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, 27″ x 27″, $2250

I am working hard on a commission that a friend asked me to do from a photo she took. It has proved to be quite challenging! This is the second go at it.  I added too much white to the first version and it got really chalky looking.  Scrapped that one and decided to try some translucent oil colors on my brushed aluminum panel to let the shimmer show through and reflect the light.   I took this photo with the piece on my easel, lit from my “true to color”, lighting.  You can see the reflection in the yellow drips that meander across the bottom of the painting.  I was going to add more color to the sky,  more purple and blue, like her photo but when I looked at it this morning in the natural light of the my studio, the sky was much darker.   I like this one just as it is and will start a new one with the same translucent intent in more of a purple palette, which will compliment the yellow/gold and really make it pop.  The third time is the charm!

I am adding this to my “Lit from Within” section on my website.  Check it out and see what else is new!

Elevation 14,180′

cynthia mcloughlin©2019
View from 14,180′, Mt. Shasta, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 39″ x 51″, $6900

Rocks and snowmelt are what is going on here in Park City this week.  On my recent trip to Iceland, we were lucky enough to climb up one of the dormant volcanos.  The wind just about blew us off the side of the mountain. This is a view from Mt. Shasta. It is a potentially active volcano at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California.  It is the second highest peak in the Cascades and fifth highest in the state.

Spring Thaw

cynthia mcloughlin©2019
Spring Thaw, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 39″ x 39″, $5300

I liked the composition of my painting, “Above the Clouds”, and wanted to work on a shadow version.  I must have Iceland on the brain as the water just appeared!  Looking forward to seeing the country for myself  in the near future!   It has been  warm by Park City standards and the snow is melting on the southern exposures, hence the name, “Spring Thaw”.  Happy Spring everyone!


Snowdrift, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, $1150
Snowdrift, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, $1150

I have been doing a fair amount of snowshoeing on ungroomed trails and am always mesmerized by the patterns that are made by the winds. In this piece I used a freehand bezel to scrape away the ridges in the icy cold snow.


Dreamscape, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, 27" x 27", $2250
Dreamscape, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, 27″ x 27″, $2250

This piece is all about subtile contrast. I like to use translucent oil colors on the metal panels as they let the reflective metal shine through. When viewed in person, it creates the illusion of depth, especially when contrasted with opaque paint colors.  I have been working this out a little differently in each painting. In the sky, the reflective sheen of the metal is veiled by an undulating layer of oil paint. It contrasts with the hard linear edges that boldly glisten in the road.


Moon Shadow


Moon Shadow, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 51" x 51", $8750
Moon Shadow, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 51″ x 51″, $8750

I love to watch the play of moonlight on the snow at night. We have had a lot of snowstorms of late and the opportunities to feel this midnight magic abound.

One of the challenges of working in a large format is getting the paint on the panel quickly as I like to work wet on wet.  I started this one with a brayer, (a hard rubber roller used in printmaking), instead of a brush to roll the paint on and define the road and landscape.  When applied on the smooth metal surface, the paint can be rolled out super thin or built up in layers with interesting patterns. There will definitely be more fun with translucent layers to come.

Don’t forget to drop by the Summit Gallery tomorrow night from 7-9 and see me, the “featured artist”, and all my new work!

Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, 39" x 51", $6900
Above the Clouds, oil paint on a brushed aluminum panel, 39″ x 51″, $6900

Sometimes aerial views are found with boots on the ground from a superior vantage point.  Hiking to the top of a peak in search of fresh powder will afford not only the thrill of the ride but one also enjoys the feeling of being on top of the world!

The Three Musketeers


I have always been a fan of classic stories and loved sharing them with my kids. The adventures of The Three Musketeers was always a favorite! Since the hatch marks remind me a bit of sword play, I decided to title them with a literary bend.  Each painting measures 15″ x 15″ edge to edge, including a Larson, black box frame with a hint of silver around the frames edge, $800 each. A classic trio!

Red, White and Snow

"Channeling Blue over Grey"", oil on brushed aluminum, 19" x 15", $975
“Channeling Blue over Grey””, oil on brushed aluminum, 19″ x 15″, $975

It is time to gear up for the National Ability Center’s fundraiser, Red, White and Snow! The year the events will take place in Park City from March 7th-9th. Please click the links for more information.

I am donating “Channeling Blue over Grey” for the auction this year.  I hope you all will join me in supporting this amazing organization. You can register and bid on line as well as at the actual gala event so you don’t even need to be present to win! Thanks in advance for your support!


"Skating on the Bridge", 51" x 51", oil on aluminum panel, $8750
“Skating on the Bridge”, 51″ x 51″, oil on aluminum panel, SOLD!

February 2nd, I am off to a good start!  The Sundance Film Festival has been loads of fun and wraps up tomorrow.   I have met so many interesting people sharing so much positive feedback about my paintings! There are directors, writers, producers, and artists everywhere, this  festival has an amazing creative vibe!    With the big storm that is set to hit tomorrow for the next few days I will be snowed in and painting up a storm of my own!

Featured Artist!


Celestial Rhapsody, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 99" x 51", $16,900
Celestial Rhapsody, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 99″ x 51″, $16,900

Mark your calendars! I will be the “Featured Artist” on Friday, February 22, 2019 at the Summit Gallery, 675 Main St., Park City, UT!  The event is from 6 to 9pm, I would love to see you all there!

I have been approached by several people asking for larger vertical works to hang over a fireplace or on a view wall next to or over a staircase.  This panel is as big as they come!   I did a lot of sketching, trying to make a composition work for  this elongated rectangle and came up with a fan format, the swirling clouds, the sliver mountains on the horizon and the reflective light and shadow pattern on the road all converge toward an apex to the right of the panel.

Save the Date!

"Twisted Web", oil on brushed aluminum, 19" x 15", $975
“Twisted Web”, oil on brushed aluminum, 19″ x 15″, $975

Mark your calendars!  The Summit Gallery will be hosting an artists reception for me on Friday, February 22nd, 2019, from 6-9pm!  I hope you will all join me and see my new work!  Don’t forget to share this and bring your friends!   675 Main Street, Park City, Utah!


While in NYC this week I managed to see “Warhol, A to B and Back Again” at The Whitney Museum of American Art”.  My personal Warhol story goes like this.  When I was in school at Parson’s, there was an illustration show featuring the famous fashion illustrator, “Antonio”.  The students were all invited to the opening and, big surprise, Andy Warhol showed up! Apparently he was a good friend of Antonio. Andy was his celebrity self, dark glasses, shocking white hair, weaving his way though the crowd of admirers when my friend asked him to sign her shirt.  He had her turn around and drew a large phallic symbol on the shirt back and scrolled his signature across the yoke of the white oxford button down.  Classic Andy.  I certainly hope she kept it!

Screen printing is now at the top of my, “must learn to do”, list for 2019.  It was fascinating to watch films of him executing some of his famous works.  I loved seeing the progression of his early commercial illustrations, the collages of golden shoes, (inspired by people he either knew or wanted to know, like Truman Capote), his graphic  paintings, screen prints, films and creativity.  The portrait hall was also pretty amazing.  I think Aretha Franklyn was my favorite.  His collaborative work with Jean Paul Basquiat was super interesting as they would take turns painting over what each artist considered to be the best bits of the work in progress.  A love-hate relationship and wildly competitive.  The show is up until March 31st if you are in the neighborhood:)


"Full Tilt-Vertical", Oil on brushed aluminum panel, 51" x 39", $6000
“Full Tilt-Vertical”, Oil on brushed aluminum panel, 51″ x 39″, SOLD

It is always highly complimentary when I am commissioned to paint a piece for folks who love my art.  Working with designers and clients to come up with a piece for a special place in their home or business is always an complex challenge. Colors, subject matter, composition and space all play into the success of the piece.

This is a painting I recently finished for a Park City client. The process began when they visited my home studio/gallery. The clients selected a few paintings they liked and I brought them to their home to see how they would look in their space.  “Full Tilt” was selected as the best for composition and color but was too small for their entrance hall.  We determined the size and orientation of the commissioned painting by hanging cardboard mock ups of different sizes to see what would look best.  The clients liked certain aspects of the application and effects in Full Tilt and wanted more of these effects in their painting. I altered the composition of the original piece to work in a vertical format and started painting!  Varnished and framed, I hung the finished piece this morning!

Many thanks to all my patrons and followers!  I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year in 2019!  Remember, you can see much of my work at the new Summit Gallery in the new Kimball on Main building and also in Oohs and Aahs Interior Design on Kearns Boulevard, both in wonderful, snowy Park City!


Never Forget

Spirits Sandy Hook Memorial by Cynthia McLoughlin 36 x 48 Acrylic on steel copy
Spirits Sandy Hook Memorial, acrylic on steel, 39″ x 51″, $6000

Today is the 6th anniversary of the tragedy that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary school. The original painting and prints can be purchased at my site, or directly from me in the case of the original painting. All proceeds will be donated to the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation.  Never forget.




"Silvery Moon" In the Summit Gallery 1Thanks so much to everyone who braved the incredible snowstorm last night and made it to the new Summit Gallery for the Grand Opening Party!  I wish that I had taken some pictures or a video to share but I was having way too much fun!

Great news!  I am currently the galleries’ best selling artist!  I consider that an incredible feat considering the caliber of artists represented and am so grateful to be part of such an amazing place. Many thanks to Megan and her team for putting together a spectacular event!

PS,  The skiing was pretty darned good today too!  HA!


cynthia mcloughlin © 2018
“I’ll be right in the next room…which was never close enough after a nightmare”. Oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 27″ x 27”, $1900

I am pushing myself to explore with paint in a more abstract style, trying to capture what I am feeling and playing with patterns, values and colors. Incorporating familiar colors, using brush strokes and manipulating the viscosity of the paint with solvents lead to the end result above.  It is hard for me to divorce myself from a recognizable image. I talk with a lot of painters and I always ask those that paint abstractly what their intent is and how they get from point A to the finished piece.  Most of them go completely on feeling.

I have always had more than my share of nightmares, especially when I was a kid. This one came from the depths of my psyche.

“Dreamscapes”, Opens this Friday, November 16!


I was invited to participate in the upcoming “Dreamscapes” show at the Cafe Gallery in the Kimball Art Center on Kearns Blvd. in Park City, Utah!  Opening night, Friday, November 16th, coincides with the opening of “Park City Collects III” which will be in the main gallery!

If you can’t make the opening, stop by Elli’s Cafe is for breakfast or lunch and enjoy the food and the art!  The show will be up through January 6th, 2019!