Sunrise Paintings


I make a lot of my paintings on 3mm double sided aluminum panels.  I am not really sure what the core substance is that they put between the panels but they are very sturdy and do not pop or bend, well unless you drop one on a corner or something.  Stuff happens.  Generally though the are  great to paint on and they come in a myriad of metal tones and finishes.  I usually paint on the silver toned panel with the brushed finish. They are the same panels that sign makers use.

Gold Panels

I have been wanting to paint on gold toned aluminum for awhile now and finally got around to ordering some. Purple is the compliment to yellow/gold so I did my best to work the colors to their limit.  There is a good deal of scraping on this one as well, I really wanted to catch the beams of light as they filter through the clouds.


I like to make paintings in a series for a number of reasons.  My studio is in my home and not gigantic so making larger paintings can be challenging.  The metal panels come in 4′ x 8′ at their largest size.  I have only done one painting with a panel in its entirety, Celestial Rhapsody, and it was really fun but a challenge to paint. I had to use a ladder to get to the top and it was too big to put on my easel so painting the bottom was a challenge as well.  It is hard to sit or kneel on the floor and paint. Diptychs are also good as they can be sold together or separately and they have a nice presence in the gallery.  There is a lot of competition out there for smaller painting and they tend to get lost among the larger works.

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