Mountain Views

Living in Park City, Utah, I have met Olympians, extreme athletes, and all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. Back country skiing is common here and many of the folks I meet enjoy the activity. This painting was inspired by a photo from a friend who hiked Mt. Shasta, in California, seeking adventure. I loved the idea of being high above the violet clouds and town below, peering through the mountain terrain.
Grandeur, oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 39″ x 51″, Sold

Mountain Peaks

Grandeur Peak is one of the many mountain peaks that falls in between Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah. I like to paint all mountains and find them so inspiring, peaceful and spiritual. That is one of the reasons I spend so much of my time in Park City. When I am lucky enough to go on a delivery/install of my work I really enjoy seeing the homes in which my paintings will live.  This particular home is in Park City and is pretty darned spectacular!  Very modern and beautifully appointed, I could not be happier to be in such place of honor in the main living room!



It is particularly pleasing to work with people who have a delightful color sense.  This home owner is a master at floral design and I adored all of the exquisite arrangements of living flowers in her home.  The arrangement on the mantel perfectly  compliments the highlights in the painting! When I lived in the East Bay area, San Francisco, I inherited an incredible garden from the previous homes owner.  I added a tiered fruit and vegetable garden in the time that we lived there and miss it still.  Plums warm from the sun, right off the tree, raspberries of many varieties, the legendary California blackberry, just to name a few.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

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