I thought it would be fun to show a work in progress from beginning to end. These are in order of completion, (top to bottom and left to right). I wanted to do something really color saturated.  I was cleaning up my studio and found my super fun, fat stick, oil crayons. The chartreuse is amazing so I started with that in the sky and roadside, then popped in the pink and purple for the mid-tone and darker shadows. I used orange for the mountainside areas I wanted to be warmer and come forward and the compliment to that, teal/blue, on the road. It felt a little too saturated and I wanted some of the silver to come through so some scraping and squeegee are shown in the next frame. Back to my chartreuse oil crayon to play off the magenta/pink and highlight the barrier and accentuate the curve between the highways. After the paint dried, I went in with some glazes, red over the teal/blue/chartreuse road and mountain to solidify the mass. Scraping out the vehicles, filling in the tail lights and some additional scraping to let the silver glint as highlights on the mountains and this one is done!


Landscape painting of a mountain pass and road in rainbow bright colors.
Kaleidoscope, oil on aluminum panel, 39″ x 39″, $5300

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