Lakeside Drama

Summer’s Twilight, oil on brushed aluminum, 19″ x19″, $1250

It goes without saying that prowling galleries and exhibitions at museums is a big part of educating myself and staying up to date on the art world, which I doubt anyone can really do, even in this day of social media.

A few years ago I saw an amazing retrospective of Gerhart Richter”s work, who I believe is now in his 80’s.  The body of work was amazing, some figurative, some abstract, paintings & sculpture. I once read someplace that he burned everything he made before he was 40.  If that is true, the body of work put forth in the Paris exhibition is even more mind blowing.  This piece was inspired by some of his abstract work where he pulled the colors across the canvas. My piece is a bit more figurative than it’s inspiration.  Instead of a board, I used a squeegee and brushes to pull out the light, finishing it off after it was dry by scraping away the paint to let the metal show through and reflect the light.

I started this piece in the beginning of summer.  I get a little homesick for a summer on the lake, living out here in the high dessert. I treasure my memories of being on the lake, watching the moon come up and reflect on the water, camps nestled in the dense forest of trees.


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