Oil painting by Cynthia McLoughlin, blue sky over a purple road winding through a red and amber abstract mountain pass.
Sidewinder, oil on brushed aluminum, 39″ x 39″, $5300

My Road Series has been super popular and I am so grateful it has sold so well!  I am pushing myself and taking it in a new direction!  I had so much positive feedback on my bright Sunset Series, I decided to abstract my road landscapes with color in more of a fauvist manner. This was the first go and I struggled with it quite a bit.  I have always loved Wolf Kahn, I must have five or six calendars of his work that I have saved over the years.  His paintings/colors are amazing! His technique finds more of a color vibration, I tried to use more of a color blocking technique.  I finally got this one to a place I can live with. Incorporating the smear with the hashmarks gives a nice contrast to the mountains and differentiates one from the other, even though they are the same basic value.

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