Jellyfish Sky and other seaworthy things…

I have been working on some beach themed paintings for the Monaco Yacht Show this September.  My recent visit to the beach in Carmel, California, was particularly inspiring. Many thanks to Mark and Anna for sharing their lovely home!

Upon completion, the paintings seemed rather serious, (and kind of boring), so I decided to add a bit of quirkiness so they would not be run of the mill seascapes.  I had some fun with a blending brush and made the oil drips from the fan shape which reminded me of jellyfish, but in the sky, hence “Jellyfish Sky”! The seaweed in the second piece defies gravity, rising out of the water and over the suggested grid of waves. I like the added texture of the rigid vs. organic lines of the grid.  I love to walk on the beach at dawn or dusk and see the magical reflection of the sky on the sand.  I could not resist painting it with my trusty squeegee in “Silver Beach”!


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