Abstract oil painting on a brushed aluminum panel. Dark and moody indigo layers over a distant pale yellow light. A dark vortex in the lower right corner with concentric marks pulling you to the dark center. Silver drip lines defy gravity and float horizontally over the upper right portion of the panel, decreasing in length to the middle and then floating above the vortex.
cynthia mcloughlin © 2018
“I’ll be right in the next room…which was never close enough after a nightmare”. Oil on a brushed aluminum panel, 27″ x 27”, $1900

I am pushing myself to explore with paint in a more abstract style, trying to capture what I am feeling and playing with patterns, values and colors. Incorporating familiar colors, using brush strokes and manipulating the viscosity of the paint with solvents lead to the end result above.  It is hard for me to divorce myself from a recognizable image. I talk with a lot of painters and I always ask those that paint abstractly what their intent is and how they get from point A to the finished piece.  Most of them go completely on feeling.

I have always had more than my share of nightmares, especially when I was a kid. This one came from the depths of my psyche.

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