Highlights from the Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum Highlights
I really love the abstract quality of the shadow on the wall in this one.
Brooklyn Museum Highlights
Very cool abstract and inspires thoughts for my abstract hatch mark paintings.
Brooklyn Museum Highlights
The fabulous George Bellows. Snow and steam done oh so well…
Brooklyn Museum Highlights
George Bellows, just look at that blue, more snow and steam. Love it.
Brooklyn Museum Highlights
Rob Wynne, 2017, a newish acquisition, a whole series on poured mirrored glass. The punctuation marks were my favorites.

Brooklyn Museum Highlights

Brooklyn Museum Highlights
Classic, amazing landscape. I love the distance and space created by all the light and dark thresholds. I will have to work this into my Road Noise series.
Brooklyn Museum Highlights
“Three Penny Opera, a new acquisition, 2018! Jamian Juliano-Villani, a contemporary painter who mixes art historical, fashion and pop culture references to create humorous representations of our materialistic era. Her work addresses the changed nature of everyday life in the age of the internet-the dizzying juxtaposition of images, styles, and identities in the media-amid the dissolution of such long-established standards as “authorship” and copyright.”

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