Skating on the Bridge

"Skating on the Bridge", 51" x 51", oil on aluminum panel, $7800
“Skating on the Bridge”, 51″ x 51″, oil on aluminum panel, $7800

I love the drive from Park City over Parley’s Pass and down Route 80 into Salt Lake City, Utah.  Riding shotgun on a recent trip to the airport, I was able to take a whole series of photos to capture the ride with all of its twists and turns as we descended through the canyon.  It is breathtaking at any time of year.  Using some of the new material for this composition, I imposed a surreal color palette of icy blues.  I washed over the mountains in the center of the piece to expose the brushed silver tones of the panel.  In person it is silver reflecting the light, not white.  You really have to see my work in person to get the full effect of the reflections!

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