The Sound of Twilight

The Sound of Twilight, (Diptych panel 1), oil on aluminum, 19 x 51, $6800
The Sound of Twilight, (Diptych panel 1), oil on aluminum, 19 x 51,(each panel), (46″ x 51′ side by side) $6800

I recently found a folder of photos I had taken one stormy summer day on the beach in Connecticut, where I used to walk almost every day when I lived there.  I started this series as a new color palette for my storm category, I love to paint the drama of a good storm! I am always thinking of new ways to expose the silver aluminum to create that wonderful silver light/reflection and have been experimenting with the abstract quality of dripping and running the paint in a semi-controlled manner. I did this a lot with my spray painted floral series and it usually opens the door to new ideas. I have also been working on finding ways to expose the silver in a textured, random way.  This painting has a pebbly effect in the center right panel of the Diptych.

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  1. I love this one! One of my favorites ever, possibly–the color palette is so appealing (love the hints of purple in among all the blue). Each panel could stand on its own, and together they’re stunning!

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