I wandered down to Chelsea last night to check out some galleries and put a finger on the pulse of the neighborhood art scene. The artist is Josep Frances Anaya and they are at The Agora Gallery.

I adore these two incredibly executed pieces. I love them on a lot of levels.  The subjects, a female Icarus and the ball in Times Square that drops every New Year’s Eve, are awesome! The warped perspective is created by focusing her command of the city around the iconic Empire State Building. She is sweeping, gliding and falling all at the same time. One can feel the sphere of the planet below. The colors are almost comic book-like and glossy finish adds to the pop of the colors.

Distorting perspective is something I am struggling with in the creation of my “mountain” paintings.  Having a grid of streets and hard edged buildings adds a great deal to the drama and is hard to translate in the more organic shapes of nature.  I am looking forward to getting back to my studio to give it another go.


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