Abstract Landscapes

Since “Early Morning Road to JFK” was selected for the Art Basel Show this week in Switzerland, I thought I would post a couple of paintings in the same vein to monopolize on the wonderful marketing of the Artbox Project Gallery!

This view from Sherwood Island in Connecticut looks across Long Island Sound at twilight, the soft glow of orange light glimmers from distant Long Island across the water.  Exposed steel revealed through the clouds, beach and water reflect light and create movement in this peaceful serenity.

Icy View from Saugatuck Bridge, 25" x 37", Oil on steel, $950 framed
Icy View from Saugatuck Bridge, 25″ x 37″, $950 framed

Winter in Connecticut has its own beauty. As I walked across the bridge, the movement of my own shadow caught my eye on the frozen river below.  I exposed the steel with a sharp edge to give the piece some movement, create shimmer and reflect the light on the ice.

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