Solar Reveal


Thanks to all of my patrons!  I am so grateful to all the folks who support my artistic endeavors!  I sold the piece that was intended for the  “Red, White and Snow”, National Ability Center Auction!   Above is the replacement, “Solar Revealed”.  It is 40″ x 52″, Oil on Steel.

Doing a series of paintings with the same theme has allowed me to explore different techniques, compositions and allowed for a few happy accidents that I try to incorporate into subsequent paintings.  I like the subtile variety.  This one has a few sunbeams radiating from the steel revealed at the top of the piece, which digitally came out kind of dark. In the real world, the sun spot and rays reflect the light in the room with a bright silver shimmer that changes as you move around the piece.  The light also bounces off the tops of the clouds and subtilely glows through the snow.

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